CCAB is proud to announce the 2022 AEDC recipient,

Incorporated in 1982, the Cree Regional Economic Enterprise Company (CREECO) is a subsidiary wholly owned by the Cree Nation Government which acts through the Board of Compensation. It acts as a holding company for investments made by the Cree Nation of Quebec in construction, air transportation, hotel, catering and janitorial services, ground handling and aircraft fueling. The organization has continuously made meaningful contributions to Cree development and work on behalf of the Cree communities in Quebec.

The Cree Nation of Northern Quebec consists of nine communities. Approximately 20,000 people combined inhabit this area. With a mandate to enhance employment and development opportunities in Cree territory, CREECO companies include Air Creebec, Cree Construction, Valpiro, Gestion ADC, Eeyou Eenou Realty Properties, Quality Inn and Suites Val d’Or as well as in the mining and renewable energy sectors. With several wholly owned subsidiaries, and established joint ventures, equity value of the companies is reflected in the Board of Compensation Financial Statements, community members are the ultimate shareholders.

CREECO and Eeyou Eenou Realty Properties Inc. are partnering with Cogir, a well-established real estate developer in Montreal to build a 26-storey high-rise with condos, rental apartments, and commercial space that is steeped in symbolism.

These companies and others contribute to the development of employment, training, and revenue for the Cree Nation. As CREECO celebrates its 40th year, CCAB and Rio Tinto are pleased to present them with the 2022 Aboriginal AEDC award for their continued commitment to provide employment, training, and development opportunities for Indigenous communities.