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Thursday, April 28, 2022
10:30 AM
11:30 AM
12:30 PM
1:00 PM
1:30 PM

Indigenous clean energy partnerships are critical to the country’s low-carbon transition. Join these panelists for a discussion on Canada’s energy evolution and the requirement for equitable partnerships with Indigenous communities and businesses.

2:15 PM
2:30 PM
2:40 PM
3:00 PM

Learn how getting a CCAB PAR certification is a competitive advantage in establishing your reputation in Corporate Social Responsibiliity (CSR).  PAR certified companies are leading corporate citizens that have proven the business case for sustainable Indigenous relations.


Hear how successful business models, joint ventures and strategic frameworks provide a long-term competitive advantage and lead to stronger community development and growth.


Are emerging technologies outpacing skills? Join this session and discover educational and training options, entrepreneurial opportunities and how to access financial support to be a part of the competitive digital economy.

Join the conversation with Keith Henry from ITAC and experts in the tourism industry to find out what resources are available to support tourism entrepreneurs and business owners.

3:45 PM
4:00 PM

Discover new markets through export, trade, and the Indigenous Supply Chain. 

Hear from experts on accessing business opportunities including financial services and supports available to overcome domestic and international barriers to new markets.

4:45 PM
5:00 PM